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My husband Robert and I live up in the Beautiful White Mountains of Arizona......We love to travel, go Camping, BBQing, throwing killer parties and spending lots of time with our GREAT family and friends. We both grew up here and Robert built our first house here. We have 3 wonderful kids, Kele'(13), Brittany (10) and Lil Robert (3) that are very active in sports, texting, getting dirty, riding go carts and hangin with friends. My Sister-in-law is my best friend of nearly 20yrs. I realize now in my 30's there is no place I would rather be then where Iam right now! Keep in touch and stop by for a drink!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little Robert loves to help his dad work!!

For those of you excited for HALLOWEEN.....don't forget....Brandi and I are having our 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Party!! I will post a flyer next week! Get to shopping and looking for those creative and crazy costumes!!
When: Saturday-October 25th (KC's Bday)
Where: at the Petersen Abode

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Welcome to my blogspot. Just to update you on our family......there are 5 of us. Kele' (13) my teenage, soccer playing, constantly texting, volleyball playing, make-up wearing, going to football games little girl! Brittany is our CRAZY and WILD 10 yr old who enjoys playing outside, getting dirty and loves not brushing her hair. Lil Robert just turned 3.......as the saying goes "He's all BOY" he makes us laugh and if you have kids you know what Im talking about when I say "He's is the stage of language" he mis pronounces words that become apart of our families vocabulary! Its funny....Example.....BOB BOB (spongebob) Wacy (our dogs new name, Lacy) Duece (juice)......anyways, you get the point. On June 21st, 2008, I Married the man of EVERYBODY'S dreams HEHE. Robert and I have been together for over 8years! Robert is a foreman for a construction Co. he has been with them for 9yrs. I just recently went back to work for an insurance Co. Im getting Licensed in Oct. Our 3 wonderful kids keep us running and going all the time! We love to travel and take camping trips up the mountains or down to the lake. We love BBQing and throwing parties! Stop by and visit us anytime......we can play pool, ping pong, dance in the garage til the morning light or just hang out in the back yard and get eaten by mesquitoes......LOL

Robert and Nicci Petersen and TONS of kids.........OK Only 3 but after that many who's counting!! HAHA